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Career Option After A Law Degree

Why Law?
Law is a career which requires loads of patience and logical skills. It takes loads of hard work and dedication to become of successful lawyers first generation lawyers particularly face numerous problems in their profession as is true of every other profession. Great communication skills and a faculty for critical analysis and articulation are pre-requisties for lawyers. Therefore, one should analyze these points before opting for law as a career.

International Focus
Legal education in India is similar to the one in Britain. Indian students quite enjoy working in the UK wherein they receive attractive jobs & salary packages after completion of course.

Common Career Option After Law Degree

  1. Criminal Lawyer
  2. Civil Litigation Lawyer
  3. Legal Analyst
  4. Document Drafting Lawyer
  5. Legal Journalist
  6. Legal Advisor
  7. Government Lawyer
  8. Judge/PCS-J

Legal studies are essential in professions like CA, CS & managerial fields.